The 4 C’s

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Communication, Collaboration, Connection, and Cooperation. Theses are the four C’s that are applied to social media.

Communication is the exchange of ideas and information that flow from one person to another, a sender transmitting information or ideas to a receiver is involved. Communication can only be effective if the receiver on the other end of the message understands the information or idea that the sender is trying to transmit. There can be barriers that can stop effective communication from happening, such as noise and culture differences. It is the prime characteristic of social media which their are three motivators behind informal communication. These motivators include the need for people to share as if they felt they belong to a group, people need to share information and people need to express their emotions. If you are part of the social media website Facebook, you would get those friends that constantly post their emotions and how they are feeling through their status’s.

Collaboration is the support of engaging with people in a coordinated effort to solve some kind of problem. Some people say that the magic of social media occurs when businesses collaborate with their customers through the use of social media networks. Customers are able to engage in a direct manner with companies and their brands in as much real-time as possible. Consumers have finally found their voices. Companies can ask for feedback from their consumers through the use of social media and they will get it. This may be risky for companies but people talk through word of mouth anyway so wouldn’t you want to know anyway??

Connection is an easy term to define as you need to ask yourself how do I manage to connect to my customers, suppliers and partners through the use of Web 2.o?? Almost every company has a Facebook page or a Twitter page these days which allows followers to engage with the pages and have there say and feedback. They depend on direct interaction from users and organisations that have internal applications of social networking that mix personal and professional interests are more likely to succeed.

Cooperation is the cornerstone for sharing and is where each person is responsible for their portion of work. When everyone in a organisation cooperates then it delivers maximum value to the organisation, which can be direct or indirect. Some examples of cooperative software are Youtube, photos, videos and other applications.


People can do a lot of good through the use of social media in many different ways.

Celebrities get involved by sending important messages out to the public through social media. Celebrities like Rihanna, Kanye West, Justin Beiber and lady Ga Ga use their social media websites such as, Twitter and Myspace to raise awareness of the food crisis in East Africa. They team up with the charity group Save The Children Foundation, who are strongly dedicated by providing food and medical supplies to Somalia and other nations in that region that are facing shortages. The pop stars dedicate their tweets and posts to round up the support of their followers/fans to raise awareness and collect donations that go to these charity organisations. Not only do celebrities help out but all kinds of businesses do to!

Businesses sponsor charities to raise the awareness of the charity and it can be a good business strategy for them. For example Westpac have the rescue helicopter charity in which they promote on their website and Facebook page where people can make small donations to a good cause. In the 6 years they have been running, Westpac have raised over 5.5 million dollars in rescue helicopters in New Zealand and they could not have done it without the help of social media.

Who is Kony??

The headline that is making news all around the world so far in 2012 and a popular conversation starter in the social media world. On March 5th, a charity in America posted a half an hour video of a man named Kony through the popular website YouTube and what he has been doing to the people of his country. This video suddenly went global and instantly started to get hits and people having there say in the matter. The group posted this video so they could get peoples attention and aware of this man named Kony, so he can be stopped at all costs. Some of Kony’s actions include kidnapping children, making them kill their families, turning them into child sex slaves and into solders that kill for a living. This American charity group “the invisible children” uses social media for good intentions to help put a end to the use of Kony’s actions in the rebel war and aims to restore affected communities in Central Africa to provide peace and prosperity. You can find out more information on their website

Every now and again you come across people who have used social media to make money or to use it to get ridiculously famous. Since there are so many active social media users, there are a lot of people who can easily watch you on the internet. There are many ways which social media can break you into different kinds of industries.

I think that if you want to get famous through social media, you have to make sure that you are picking the right social media websites. If you compare Myspace to Facebook, internet artists have always gone for Facebook, as Lady Ga Ga has 1.5 million friends on Myspace compared to 31 million likes on Facebook. You have to have a clear idea on how to market your music. Uploading your tracks free of charge that you have made is a good way of getting yourself out there, as it gives people a good idea on who you are and it shows that you are committed. Also using the popular website YouTube to get people involved with watching your music videos and gives people a chance to give you feedback on what they think, which you can use to improve your music skills. A  good example is Justin Beiber, a pop singer discovered by Scooter Braun, who came across Beibers videos on YouTube and later became his manager. Another one is the singer Rebecca Black who also posted a video of her singing a hit song “Friday” which her mum paid for ($4000). This clearly proves that anyone can do it.

Another way that people can use social media to get famous is the use of blogs. People who just speak there mind and write about their lives can actually get a large fanbase behind them, if they add some humour into it which people like. A good example is an american guy named Tucker Max. He created a blog about his party life and his nights out which would always end with amusing things that would happen to him. Just from gaining a large fanbase through his blog’s, this lead on to him writing a book about his life and later on an actual movie that hit the big screens.

All kinds of business’s have turned to social media to improve the way they handle their business activities. Businesses use a wide range of SMO tools to gain a competitive advantage and the loyalty of users through a wide range of social media channels such as Facebook, Myspace and Twitter. Businesses can set up pages on Facebook to gain more customers and keep their loyal customers close to them. By gaining more customers, increased profit is achieved and more of a competitive advantage is held in the marketplace.

It has been proven that company’s who have used social media to conduct business activities, have shown a large increase in revenue and in customers, for example Cisco is using social media to spread the word about new products and services that are coming in through the popular website, YouTube. They do this not just for their customers, but for their large workforce, as well as providing instructions on how to use and set up the products. Also the company Zappos used Twitter to ask their customers to help them rewrite the confirmation email customers get when they make any order with the company. Their intentions were to add more “pizzazz” to the email, so they held a competition to get the customers involved in the process, thus meeting their wants and needs.

Fast food restaurants such as Burger King and McDonald’s can use social media to gain an insight as to how they can improve and take in feedback from customers. For example, McDonalds set up a Facebook page on a new upcoming burger in the making to see if any of their customers will like it or consider purchasing it. They even have ads appearing on YouTube on their burgers too!

Businessmen can set up meetings with potential suppliers who are based overseas by using Skype, a voice over internet protocol service. By using this service they can gain more suppliers, which can improve their business productivity and expansion to overseas markets in different countries. (

Theirs an old saying that goes “keep your friends close but your enemies closer”

Business’s are getting involved in a lot of social media to improve and gain a competitive advantage but do they take into consideration that their competition is watching their every move? They have to be careful with what they share with the public just in case another company is out watching them. If a company is not careful and they post information about an upcoming product, a competitor can see this information, learn from it and counter it by discovering this product’s weaknesses and making a new and improved product.

A company can visit their competitors websites and find their social networking sites and can learn what strategy’s they are using. For example the social networking site Twitter, by viewing their latest tweets competitors can see if their strategy includes promoting discounts, new and cheaper products and other kinds of tweets. Also they can judge the success of their strategy simply by having a look at their follower count, by easily clicking on their followers and having a look at who they are and who their target market is.

They can even get an overview of their followers all on one screen!

If businesses follow their competitors they can even get updates on what’s going on with their company when you ‘like” their page on Facebook (if they have one). Also by typing in your competitors name on the popular social media site YouTube, they can check out your company’s video marketing strategy by finding their YouTube channel and watching the different types of videos they post and their popularity rating through a number of Likes and comments. If your competition is not social media orientated, its a good bet that they produce newsletters through email or print varieties that you can sign up to and get updates on new products and services or even if they are attending special events. Another way that you can find out information on your competitors is asking customers, “Whenever you win a new customer, find out who they used before, and why they switched to you, the reason they were dissatisfied with their previous supplier”. Asking customers through social media gives you more of a variety of people and can get you a quicker response, than asking one customer at a time.

Businesses can plan strategies, so that they can keep customers and win over customers away from their competitors as keeping tabs on the competition is a good strategy for any growing business.

Social Media?

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Hey my name is Michael Harris and this is my first blog that I have ever created. I enjoy social media but have had no experience in writing blogs. I am currently a student studying at Massey University and My blog will be about my experiences in 157.240 Social Media Networks for Business, and how social media concepts impact on different kinds of  businesses in generating new business opportunities and profit, as well as the ways that social media can impact on a number of people around the world.

Social media, everyone who’s anyone should have at least a bit of knowledge about social media and how it has a massive impact on each one of our lives. If you asked a  few random people on the street what social media is, they would come up with all kinds of things, but mostly revolving around the popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. These websites have a huge range of things that can keep you entertained, for example they can help users connect to their friends, chat, share pictures and videos and even follow there favourite celebs.

For those who don’t quite understand what social media is, I found a good defintion that i think sums it up quite well “Social Media is the future of communication, a countless array of internet based tools and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information. This new form of media makes the transfer of text, photos, audio, video, and information in general increasingly fluid among internet users.

Social Media has relevance not only for regular people who like to use the internet but for business as well. Business’s can benefit from social media to get the existence of their company out in the open world. Traditional forms of media such as Television, radio and newspapers is only a one way street for an advertiser to broadcast its messages to the public. On the other hand social media is a two way street where interaction and engagement is strongly encouraged.