Social Media?

Posted: March 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

Hey my name is Michael Harris and this is my first blog that I have ever created. I enjoy social media but have had no experience in writing blogs. I am currently a student studying at Massey University and My blog will be about my experiences in 157.240 Social Media Networks for Business, and how social media concepts impact on different kinds of  businesses in generating new business opportunities and profit, as well as the ways that social media can impact on a number of people around the world.

Social media, everyone who’s anyone should have at least a bit of knowledge about social media and how it has a massive impact on each one of our lives. If you asked a  few random people on the street what social media is, they would come up with all kinds of things, but mostly revolving around the popular social media websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Myspace. These websites have a huge range of things that can keep you entertained, for example they can help users connect to their friends, chat, share pictures and videos and even follow there favourite celebs.

For those who don’t quite understand what social media is, I found a good defintion that i think sums it up quite well “Social Media is the future of communication, a countless array of internet based tools and platforms that increase and enhance the sharing of information. This new form of media makes the transfer of text, photos, audio, video, and information in general increasingly fluid among internet users.

Social Media has relevance not only for regular people who like to use the internet but for business as well. Business’s can benefit from social media to get the existence of their company out in the open world. Traditional forms of media such as Television, radio and newspapers is only a one way street for an advertiser to broadcast its messages to the public. On the other hand social media is a two way street where interaction and engagement is strongly encouraged.


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