The 4 C’s

Posted: March 31, 2012 in Uncategorized

Communication, Collaboration, Connection, and Cooperation. Theses are the four C’s that are applied to social media.

Communication is the exchange of ideas and information that flow from one person to another, a sender transmitting information or ideas to a receiver is involved. Communication can only be effective if the receiver on the other end of the message understands the information or idea that the sender is trying to transmit. There can be barriers that can stop effective communication from happening, such as noise and culture differences. It is the prime characteristic of social media which their are three motivators behind informal communication. These motivators include the need for people to share as if they felt they belong to a group, people need to share information and people need to express their emotions. If you are part of the social media website Facebook, you would get those friends that constantly post their emotions and how they are feeling through their status’s.

Collaboration is the support of engaging with people in a coordinated effort to solve some kind of problem. Some people say that the magic of social media occurs when businesses collaborate with their customers through the use of social media networks. Customers are able to engage in a direct manner with companies and their brands in as much real-time as possible. Consumers have finally found their voices. Companies can ask for feedback from their consumers through the use of social media and they will get it. This may be risky for companies but people talk through word of mouth anyway so wouldn’t you want to know anyway??

Connection is an easy term to define as you need to ask yourself how do I manage to connect to my customers, suppliers and partners through the use of Web 2.o?? Almost every company has a Facebook page or a Twitter page these days which allows followers to engage with the pages and have there say and feedback. They depend on direct interaction from users and organisations that have internal applications of social networking that mix personal and professional interests are more likely to succeed.

Cooperation is the cornerstone for sharing and is where each person is responsible for their portion of work. When everyone in a organisation cooperates then it delivers maximum value to the organisation, which can be direct or indirect. Some examples of cooperative software are Youtube, photos, videos and other applications.


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