This page is dedicated to my reflections and what I have learnt in the class Social media networks for business so far.

When I first heard about the class, I was excited to get involved as I have been fully engaged with social media in my teenage days. My first encounter with social media would of been the social interacting programme MSN Messenger and then followed by Bebo. I enjoyed these tools as I could interact with my friends, post pics and watch funny videos that my friends would send me. I then moved on to Facebook, which I saw as a better version of Bebo and instantly got involved and have not looked back since.

The first week of class was good as I got to learn more what the paper was about and how social media impacts business. We got introduced to the website, which is a creative website where companies and people can create blogs and websites. We got told that we had to use this site for our first assignment. I was excited at the fact that we had to create our own blog, as I have never done it before. Also we went over some examples of different kinds of social media using this diagram, which the lecturer showed the class.

In the second week I started to settle in with the papers that I was doing and was ready to get back into university mode. In this session I learnt all about social business and how it applies to emerging technologies like Web 2.0 and how it can improve business performance. We also covered what social software looks like and even went over the history of social media and where it came from. The third week was all about Web 2.0 and 3.0 which I found interesting, as I have covered it in other IT classes, so I could relate to what the lecturer was talking about. There were some good definitions, as one of my favourites was “Online technologies that allow a two-way communication or interaction between company and customer”. However the lecture got cut short as a fire alarm had gone off so everyone had to leave.

In the fourth week of lectures, the lecturer got every student in the class to stand up and introduce themselves and tell the class what they have learnt so far and what might be improved. I do not like public speaking at all, so I had to suck it up and talk in front of the class. I spoke about how much I had learnt using wordpress and creating blog posts. The lecture was focused on the 4 C’s of social media and how organisations are using the 4 C’s to implement social media. It was good that we were covering this as we were introduced to the 4 C’s in the first week of lectures. I am enjoying this paper so far and I am sure that I will be learning more, as we progress through the weeks leading up to the final examination.

While I was creating my blog I had to think about interesting posts that people could learn from, while they were reading it and information that I knew about social media through my previous studies towards my business degree. When I was researching I found some interesting articles that I learnt knew things from and that could help me in the paper. I did not have trouble editing and using the blog as the video on the WordPress home page helped me quite a lot.


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